Ching Chi Hall丨Taichung, Taiwan






* Ching Chi Hall has been awarded for 2020 Shanghai Successful Design Awards – Places And Cities.

Ching Chi Design: “Existence is the primarily design theory of Ching Chi Design, Theory focuses on framing and forming space to imitate the sense of being. Simple elements such as simple walls, shadows, reflections, water, interfaces, where commonly been used to configure a peaceful environment. To enhance the theory, design techniques such as ” sense of time, theater concept, natural invasion, contrast between light and dark” where often been apply into the initial design element. These invisible elements where often been used to strengthen the concept of design, meanwhile to present the most realistic life being to the audience.”

Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Case closed: June, 2019
Owner & Interior Design: Ching Chi Design
Photo Credit: Ching Chi Design