TADAO ANDO: ENDEAVORS – Final Stop on Global Exhibition Tour
Jut Art Museum invites a Giant of Japanese Architecture to Taiwan to exhibit masterpieces spanning a half-century



Japanese architect Tadao Ando ©Kazumi Kurigami
Japanese architect Tadao Ando is among the most influential masters of contemporary architecture. Without formal training in architecture, Tadao Ando has lived a life that borders on the legendary. Once a professional boxer, he embarked on a seven-year autodidactic journey at the age of 21, traversing Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Through his travels and learning, he paved a remarkable path to architecture that has earned him the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1995, catapulting him to global renown.


This summer, together with Tadao Ando Architect & Associates and Japanese-trained architect Kokuei Ryu as curatorial advisor, Jut Art Museum presents the TADAO ANDO: ENDEAVORS exhibition in anticipation of guiding Taiwanese audiences in retracing the roads traveled and challenges met by this master architect throughout his exhilarating career. The audience is invited to this intimate encounter with the creative concepts and the daring ventures throughout the lifetime of this master architect. His travel notes and sketches, inspirational technical drawings, creatively cohesive architectural models, and numerous videos and images combine to capture timeless moments and conjure classical architectural spaces.


video ©Shephotoerd


Exhibition Highlights:
● 4 main themes, Tadao Ando’s Lifelong Journey of Challenge
● 300 works exhibited, a compendium of five decades of signature works
● 1:1 scale reproduction, full-scale reproduction of the masterpiece The Church of the Light

tadao ando-3

tadao and-4

tadao and-5

tadao ando-6

tadao ando-7

tadao and-8

tadao ando-9

tadao ando-10

tadao ando-11

tadao and-12


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Photos courtesy of Jut Art Museum.