LightQ series won 2022 Red Dot Design Award



■ Appearance 

This is a small and smart variable-focus track projector light, with a sleek and short bracket, like a curious cutie peeping from the ceiling.

LightQ—meaning miniature, exquisite and intelligent lighting fixtures, the lamps are miniaturized in size and designed in a modern and minimalist style, which can be used with surface-mounted or flush-mounted track.


Surface-mounted track system, optional TU or TUH track, easy to install on the ceiling.


Flush-mounted track is used to hide the lamp power box after installation, presenting a more concise space effect.

■ Flexibility 

LightQ can be installed on a safe low-voltage rail system, with a more thoughtful circuit design, no need to consider positive and negative poles, that is, both front and back installation are possible; not only the installation and positioning are flexible, but the beam angle of the lamp can be adjusted by stretching the lamp head back and forth.

People need different lighting applications in their lives, and it will become safer and more convenient when it is necessary to replace or adjust lamps. Compared to other mini projector lights on the market, LightQ is more versatile and cost-effective for users.


■ Solution

Lighting is an important element to embellish a space. In the current smart home promotion, lighting is often at the end of the connection and is easily overlooked. This product is a low-voltage track projection light with the function of the Internet of Things. The lamp can reach 1000 lumens (7.3W), which meets the space lighting requirements of home, hotel and business rest; the infinite focus optical design, the beam angle can be from accent lighting to basic lighting Comprehensive coverage; Equipped with Signify WiZ or Casambi modules, smart devices can be used to wirelessly control and adjust multiple lighting scenes; equipped with smart switch panels or linked with sensors to switch scenes, so that lighting in the new or aftermarket Smart home connection can be easily realized.


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Under the market trend of intelligent control solutions, LightQ series lamps integrate the Internet of Things function into the system to meet the needs of small indoor spaces, realize intelligent human-sensing lighting, and present more humanized new lighting applications.