TONS Lightology Inc. Website Security Policy Announcement




" TONS Lightology Inc. Website" (hereinafter referred to as this website) in order to protect the data security of you and this website, especially in accordance with the spirit of the "Computer Processing Personal Data Protection Law", has formulated the following website security policy to explain the information security of this website way of doing it.


1. Scope of policy application:


The following website security policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data when you browse this website, but it does not apply to the links to other websites set on this website. When you click to link to other websites , the Site Security Policy of each such site applies.


2. Links to other websites:


The information security policy of this website is only applicable to the " TONS Lightology Inc." website. This website may contain hyperlinks (hyperlinks) to other websites or webpages that are not affiliated with the Center for Science and Technology, so that netizens may connect to these websites through this website. Regardless of whether these linked websites have their own website security policies, or what their content is, the information security policy of this website does not apply to these websites.


3. Website security measures and specifications


Any unauthorized attempt to upload or change the services and related information provided by the Center is strictly prohibited and may violate the law. For the purpose of website security and to ensure that this service can continue to serve all Internet users, this website provides the following security protection measures:


Use a network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, web pages, or vandals.


Install a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, destruction or theft of data, so as to avoid illegal use of the website and protect your rights and interests.


Install anti-virus software and perform regular anti-virus to provide users with a safer web browsing environment.


Weakness scans are performed regularly and appropriate security defenses are provided.


Perform daily backup operations to back up all data to the backup host.


Automatically receive all security maintenance e-mail notifications from relevant operating system vendors or application program vendors, and install appropriate patches (PATCH) according to the e-mail recommendations.


The transmission of Internet data cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe. This website will strive to protect the security of this website and your personal data. In some cases, the general standard SSL security system will be used to ensure the security of data transmission. However, since the data transmission process involves the protection of your online environment, we cannot ensure the security of your data transmission or reception on this website. You must pay attention to and bear the risk of network data transmission. Please understand that the consequences of this part are beyond the control of this website.


4. Modification of the information security policy of this website Due to the rapid development of science and technology, the relevant laws and regulations are not yet complete, and the environmental changes that may be unpredictable in the future, this website will modify the information security policy provided on the website as needed In order to implement the intention of ensuring network security. When this website completes the modification of the information security policy, we will immediately publish it on this website, and remind you to click to read it with a prominent mark.


5. If you have any questions or comments on the above terms, please contact us through the contact information shown on this website.