Taiwan Lantern Festival – Gathering Pavilion


Taking the abstract human-shape curves as inspiration, the Gathering Pavilion presents the cohesion of rural villages and their regeneration. The 8-piece modular bent wood pavilion creates a temple where people gather and share ideas. Its reflection resembles people dancing hand in hand, symbolizing the collaborative farming and collective wisdom of farmers.

Gathering Pavilion-01.jpg

Gathering Pavilion-02.jpg

Gathering Pavilion-03.jpg

Gathering Pavilion-04.jpg

Gathering Pavilion-05.jpg

Gathering Pavilion-06.jpg

Gathering Pavilion-07.jpg

Gathering Pavilion-08.jpg

Artist: Ling-Li Tseng
Execution and Support: Serendipity Studio
Lighting Design: OuDe light
Photography: BlackBird Imagine Studio